Special Guests Attend Culver City Free Comic Book Day

May 7, 2016 was the 15th annual Free Comic Book Day, and what has become an increasingly popular national holiday was in full swing throughout Los Angeles. Nearly every Comic Book store had something kind of event for this day. Perhaps the biggest and most exciting was the one by The Comic Bug in Culver City. The action was actually down the street from the store at the Culver City Teen Center. There was a huge crowd, from kids to kids at heart, tons of artists, cosplayers and special guests.

The line was long, early, and full of people eager to get their hands on over four dozen free issues. Ranging from Spongebob Freestyle, Strawberry Shortcake and DC Super Girls for younger audiences, to Civil War, Suicide Squad and Assassin’s Creed for teens and up, plenty of titles were there to choose from.

Once inside, dozens of booths were crammed into the main lobby, highlighted by the signings of Alan Trudyk, who was promoting his latest venture, a comic titled “Spectrum” from Automatic Publishing. It follows a war hero that is fighting to save the human race. Shannon Lee, daughter of martial arts icon Bruce Lee, was also there. She was promoting her new comic, “Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises” from Darby Pop Publishing. The story follows Bruce Lee, living in the present day in somewhat of an alternate reality.

Other popular artists and creators like Brandon Easton, Josh Fialkov, Megan Hutchison, Barbara Kesel Siya Oum, and Dan Wickline were also in attendance.

Other highlights were the Kotobukiya booth raffling off some of their amazing works of art. There was a photo booth and the Hashtag Show was live streaming as well. A number of yummy food trucks were on hand to keep people fed and several dozen of So-Cal’s favorite cosplayers were there, offering smiles and pictures for the kids.

The grand finale was one to remember. The man himself, Stan Lee, made an appearance at the end after flying in from San Francisco to sign autographs. He also graciously asked that all of the cosplayers in attendance meet him at the store front for a big group photo, and we were lucky to be right in front for some awesome group shots, including a group spidey thwippin’ shot!

(The Comic Bug / Photo: Craig McNelly)

(Some Nerdbots hanging out at The Perky Nerd / Photo: Stephanie Zuleta)

How was your Free Comic Book Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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