Booster Gold: From the 25th Century to the Big Screen!

On Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast, Zack Stentz (screenwriter for X-Men: First Class and Thor) discussed writing a DC film for Warner Bros. Almost immediately after, Greg Berlanti (producer for The Flash and Arrow) confirmed that Stentz is writing Booster Gold with Berlanti producing and possibly directing the film. This is undeniably awesome… Maybe. Greg Berlanti was also the writer/producer for the awful Green Lantern movie. Still, we hold out hope.

Booster Gold is a fascinating character. Unlike most superheroes who are burdened by a sense of justice and their own powers, Booster Gold is a conman from the future, seeking his fortune in the past. He is essentially an overnight security guard who steals fancy technology, goes back in time, and becomes famous. Treated smartly this could be a great action movie that also satirizes celebrites and superheroes.

I need Billy West (voice actor from Ren & Stimpy and Futurama) as the voice of lovable robot sidekick, Skeets. Yes, exactly like the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. I’m also hoping we can get someone (John Krasinski?) to at least cameo as Booster’s best friend, Blue Beetle. As Booster Gold? I’d pick Sean William Scott. He can play a self-centered jerk with a heart of gold as he did in American Pie. He can also play a tough but lovable loser as he did in Goon. He can also use a good career redemption story… Exactly like Booster Gold’s.

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