Cosplay Harassment

We are in a time where more and more people are cosplaying-- men, women, boys, and girls dress up as their favorite character from comics, movies, books and video games. It has definitely taken over the scene at many conventions like San Diego Comic Con.

But with the ever growing community of cosplayers there are some people out there making it not so fun. These are the ones that are going out there, groping and harassing female cosplayers, and making it so uncomfortable that cosplayers feel it is not safe to go out and enjoy what they spent hours dreaming, planning, and spending hundreds of hours making.

This insensitivity to female cosplayers needs to stop. This is a huge issue while the press is out there talking about what a great time these conventions are but none really discuss one of the biggest negatives to the convention scene.

It's time to raise awareness and put a stop to all things that are not appropriate at cons. One group, Cosplay Haven, is doing exactly that. You can help make cosplaying at conventions safe, too, by addressing harassment if you see it happen, utilizing con security when appropriate, and offering yourself as a safe space for all cosplayers.

If you feel the same way let us know in the comments below.

Till next time stay safe and keep it NERDY!

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