Men In Black Jumpstreet Crossover in the Works

You read right. The sequel to 21 and 22 Jump Street will be crossing over with Men In Black. Alice Through The Looking Glass director James Bobin is set to direct but it is unknown if Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will be back to reprise their roles. We do know that the film will not star Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, but whether they will make an appearance is another story. The film is officially titled MIB 23.

If they can pull this movie off with the original stars, that will be one for silver screen history books. The biggest names in Hollywood are teaming up for an interesting crossover. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Reynolds made an appearance as Deadpool in MIB 23.

I am a fan of both series. MIB is one of my favorite films and I have grown to love the Jump Street series. They are both very funny, action packed and entertaining. I would like for them to take this story to where Tatum and Hill are on another case and the person they are investigating is an alien, hence the involvement of the MIB.

Of course there has to be the typical “mine is bigger than yours” and “juris-my-diction crap” (Did you get my reference?), but this movie has to have the original MIB cast in it. Despite Tommy Lee Jones’ absence in recent movies, there is still Will Smith, who will be making an appearance as Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad film later this year.

If Tommy Lee Jones isn't back as K, then who should be Smith’s sidekick? Do you bring Josh Brolin back as a younger K and have him hunting an alien that has time traveled into the future? Who knows? There is so many ways this film can go.

We still don't know when the film will be released but it is in the process of getting the green light from Columbia Pictures.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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