The Russo Bros tackle "Captain China"

A dozen superheroes apparently aren’t enough for Joe and Anthony Russo, co-directors of this summer’s blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War. The brothers have been working on cultivating a relationship with Chinese filmmakers and tapping into the ever expanding Chinese cinema market and it looks like it’s paid off. In an announcement at a signing in Beijing earlier this week, the filmmakers announced their China based film company Anthem & Song has joined forces with Beijing FangJin Visual Media Culture Communication Co. to produce their first project together.

Jokingly referred to as “Captain China” by local China media, the two groups are set to bring to life a Chinese superhero, in an action sci-fi film titled The Hero’s Awakening.

The dynamic directing duo are sitting this one out, preferring to produce. Joe Russo says the venture will be “wholly Chinese” but to help nurture the filmmaking connection from both sides, they have reportedly pegged Chinese director Feng Mushui, who directed Demon Warrior to helm and brought in American storyboard artist Anthony Leonardi, of Game of Thrones, The Jungle Book and Water for Elephants fame, as a creative director.

Early details about the film revolve around an origin story about a superhero with mind control abilities. The budget Is reportedly in the $30 million range with a release date in late 2017 or early 2018.

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