TomorrowLegoland: The Future of Disney-Laced Lego

The infinite future of Disney’s newest venture is far from falling flat-faced in the LEGO world as Disney Collectible Minifigure’s establish themselves as the new hot collectors item across the eyes of adoring Disney and Lego fans alike. It could also be considered LEGO’s best move at the moment as it completes its transition from competing with ‘Disney Infinity,’ their failed competitor, for Nintendo’s highly successful ‘Amiibo.’ What set this new collectors series apart from its gaming predecessor is how ironically infinite the possibilities can be when licensing intellectual property with Lego, including how dedicated fans can be for either fandom.

Walt’s ghost has danced with Lego before with a series of Toy Story 3 sets back in 2010 which was seen as an obscure move by Lego at the time. The sets were oversaturated with Large Parts and Minifigures which often resulted in higher price-per-piece ratios that were not appealing to fans. Lego had found its sweet spot by reducing the piece count to an average of 5 pieces and creating a collectors series full of highly detailed figs that often come with exclusive parts or inspiring concepts. By tapping into this brilliant formula, Disney is adding another collectable variation to its belt and in doing so, bringing along a wave of changes to the Lego building and collecting community!

All The Mold Familiar Faces -

It was no surprise to anyone the original mouseketeer Mickey Mouse made the cut but he also brought along some freshly molded and familiar faces with him. Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck show us that the more cartoonish of the humanoid cast will be retaining their three dimensional prowess. Minnie looks stunning in her Pink dotted molded skirt which something I'm sure we will see along with faces that are just too wonky to be printed onto a standard Lego head.

Molds Molds Molds!! -

Need a tail? Mold it! Need a dress? Mold It! Need a scalp of hair and a hat all in one? Mold it! Part of what makes a modern mini figure so modern is its perfectly sculpted and molded hair. Disney Characters are also known for having unique and stylish hair. Moving forward with these collections means new molds with details specific to each character’s hair design that is still in Lego’s traditional highly detailed molding style and will sometimes include iconic hats like that of Aladdin or Captain Hook.

I’ll Take My Animals Standing Up Thank You! -

Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland and Stitch from Lilo And Stitch-- Both of these animals could occasionally walk on two legs are now frozen on what are normally considered the children sized minfig legs. Here, we see that Disney and Lego have reached the impacting wall of proportion when it comes to transitioning cute and cuddly characters into a collectable Minifgure form. The Anthropomorphic change will probably play itself out with future four legged releasable characters like Pluto the Dog or Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Keep It Simple, Stupid! -

At the heart of the collection is the mass array of human and human-type characters that carry the Disney Mantel. While Maleficent and Genie are sporting some external hardware, the Humanoid figs are pretty basic. Throw in a good paint job and a unique hair piece here and there and we are done. You can definitely expect a lot of “Pants, Torso, Head and Hair” packs from these babies, so make sure your ‘accessory feeling’ game is on!

Brace Yourselves, More Lego Minifigs are Coming -

And they aren’t going to stop any time soon. Before the Disney gene was introduced, Lego was already releasing 2-3 series of CMF a year. With Disney’s Massive arsenal of characters old and new, there is virtually no end in site. Don’t even get me started with variations like Halloween or even Fantasia Mickey, which is like a Disney Must in any collection.

At the end of the Disney Day, all you can do is submit to the overwhelming prowess of the Disney Franchise as it takes over our lives, infiltrates our minds, and devours us internally, but hey at least there’s a pretty cool Buzz Lightyear!

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