Before You Play The Game, Experience The Animated Short - Overwatch

A few months ago, I wasn't even aware of Overwatch. Now, every time I see something new about Overwatch, it simply reminds me how amazing it looks and how much I want to get myself a copy of it.

For a game that isn't even out yet, there is an amazing back story and some sensational costume/character designs that have already given many people inspiration for new cosplays.

To get ready for the release next week, we remember the animated short released earlier this year.

The animated short, "Recall," features Winston, a scientist, as he mulls over whether or not to recall all Overwatch agents. He is then ambushed by Reaper and some soldiers in an attempt to hack Winston's computers and gain access to the names and locations of all Overwatch members.

The 8-minute animated short is available to watch below:

The game releases May 24.

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