The Wolverine Conundrum

The third and final installment of Wolverine has been scheduled for a March 3rd, 2017. With that comes the final time we will be seeing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. For the new X-Men movies, they’ll have to find a new Wolverine or go on without him.

There have been 4 X-Men movies in total where Wolverine is a prominent character. Add the two solo Wolverine Movies and a quick cameo in X-Men: First Class in 2011. That’s 7 movies that featured the short fused character. There is also chatter of Wolverine having a cameo in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. So no matter what fans will always associate Wolverine with X-Men movies. This is where the questions of “who will be Wolverine if they do recast him?” or “will they just mention him in the next releases and cast him later at a proper time?

If he were to be recasted, here are four actors that would fit the part:

Emile Hirsch, 31 yrs. old / 5’-7”

He can be a bit truer to the comics and has done a wide range of movies from “The Girl Next Door” and “Lord of Dogtown” to “Milk” and “Into the Wild”. He has shown a great range of acting throughout his career and I feel that he can get the job done if they do go the route of recasting Wolverine.

Garrett Hedlund, 31 yrs. old / 6’-2”

He would be the same height as Wolverine currently is on the big screen. We all know him as Sam from Tron: Legacy which had some nice action sequences and he currently played the role of Captain Hook in the new “Pan” movie.

Alex Pettyfer, 26 yrs. old / 5’-11”

English actor who is no stranger to sci-fi like movies with “I am Number Four” under his belt and he showed his physique and potential in the first “Magic Mike” movie.

Sam Claflin, 29 yrs. old / 5’-11”

He is best known as Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games and showed a good range of acting in the movies as well as being able to handle some actions sequences.

I know it’s early, but It’s worked out well for Tom Holland considering how well received Spider-Man was in CA: Civil War and its only been two years since Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man in the last Spider-Man movie. Sure, they most likely can’t go too young with the casting but they should move on it quickly if they want to keep Wolverine alive on the Silver Screen. Hopefully they’ll do more than tease his iconic yellow suit!

Who would you love to see play Wolverine? Let us know in the comments below!

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