What's After The Infinity War?

The anticipated Captain America: Civil War has come and gone, and now fans eagerly await the next few installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tensions are high across all characters and it doesn't look like personal issues are going to be resolved any time soon. Knowing that the Infinity War is going to shake up dynamics, most likely permanently, what does Marvel have planned after?

Here's a few directions based off the comics they can follow:

Skrull invasion

Avengers: Infinity War could be the film that puts the Marvel Heroes and Earth itself on the intergalactic stage drawing attention from the shape-shifting planet invading Skrulls. The secret invasion would of course have to go over the course of several movies hinting at different characters as skrulls and if they get the rights, this could be a perfect opportunity to introduce the Fantastic Four the right way. We already know their origins, so they could bring them in similar to Spider-Man in Civil War, already established, and thusly bring in the Super Skrull with the powers of the Fantastic Four. Each overarching story can always be an opportunity to bring in new characters because as long as Marvel keeps doing as well as Civil War they will keep getting my money.

House of M

The house of M could be the best way to bring the X-Men into the MCU, in the comics Scarlet Witch creates a reality with “No more Mutants” as part of a way to bring back her now dead children. Of course since as of now the MCU has no Mutants it would have to be something else. Quicksilver's death could still be bothering our Scarlet Witch and after (hypothetically) Magneto is revealed to be their real father. The Mind Stone could only activate the powers they already had and Scarlet Witch could have a meltdown leading to her creation of this alternate reality. Once the true reality is restored, the X-Men could have been “involved all along” melding the casts of both franchises, creating a super franchise, bringing back Quicksilver and setting the stage for Avengers v X-Men.

Avengers v X-Men

If Marvel, by some act of cinematic wizardry, got the rights to all their characters including the X-Men, it is inevitable that within the cinematic universe, the Avengers and the X-Men would be at odds with each other at one point or another. Now they could use comic inspiration and predicate the fight on the Phoenix Force or they could have it as a minor note and make their own story. But a fan must always keep in mind that the movies are not comic recreations but their own independent stories, look at it as an alternate universe.

What do you want to see after Infinity Wars? Let us know!

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