Geek High Fashion: Valentino

In the past few years, the geek world has infiltrated the fashion industry, and is now a million dollar business. It’s great to see geek fashion cater to women, from the big box stores to independent designers. But there are times where the industry sees women as dollar signs and try to pass of things that when you look closely isn’t even remotely inspiring.

This is the case of Valentino’s Wonder Woman inspired collection. A collaboration with Roman street artist SOLO, this capsule collection should celebrate the strength of Wonder Woman. Sadly, it just looks like clothes splattered with stars that you can probably find at a Forever 21 or H&M, save for a cool leather jacket and dress studded with an eagle. Obviously the collection is not cheap. It ranges from $995 to a headband to $4,950 for a coat.

The artwork SOLO created to promote the collaboration has more vibrancy than this. If I was creating this capsule collection, I would have his artwork grace the clothes. It would elevate it to a work of art instead of a halfhearted attempt at breaking into geek culture.

As you can tell, save for the stars, these aren’t remotely Wonder Woman. Is it a case of trying to move in on the geeky side of the fashion industry under the guise of “Yes, this is a Wonder Woman line” or is there more going on than our eyes can see?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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