9 Greatest Doctor Who Villains

When the show began more than 50 years ago, the villains on Doctor Who were not exactly what I would call scary. To be very clear, most of them were weird looking and actually comical. It was their backstories are what made some of them truly scary. Any creature or machine that could put fear into The Doctor has got to be a pretty scary thing, even if it looks like a person in fire retardant suit.

During the revamp of the series, Russell T. Davies (and later Steven Moffat) choose to bring back the scariest villains. Those, of course, are the ones that have stood up to The Doctor, been beaten down and had to evolve just to survive. These are the worst of the worst. Here are my top 9 favorite villains from Doctor Who.

9. Vashtra Nerada

Although they have only appeared in one episode of the newer series these creatures were chillingly scary. They lurk in the shadows and at any given point they could attack and kill you, even if you were wearing an airtight sealed space suit. But they do it so quietly and keenly (they’re microscopic beings) that the only way to notice if they have a hold of you is if you end up with two shadows. Plus they could take over your voice or leave a bit of you captured in a voice box. I would hate to just be a voice with no body.

8. The Beast

A demon with ram horns that comes out the center of a planet, is red in color with glowing eyes and a corpse like face and was created before The Doctor’s universe. Does that sound like anyone to you? This demon could transmit himself into any person or creature (like the Ood.) He had the power of telepathy and if he was inside another person or creature he was also telekinetic. When the ancient scripts Toby was translating ended up all over his skin, all I could think of was that was the mark of The Beast.

7. Davros

He will go down in Doctor Who history as a true evil genius whose skills are only surpassed by a very small group of bad guys. Davros is most famous for being the creator of the Daleks, who appear later on this list. Davros is so evil he once plotted to wipe out the whole of time and space, just because. He is one of the crazy bad guys who gets killed over and over but always comes back some how just to spite the The Doctor.

6. The Doctor

We all know the Time Lord tries to be good. He really does. But there was a time he destroyed over a billion people-- his own people-- during the Last Great Time War. He wasn’t even called the Doctor then; he was called The Warrior. Across galaxies he is known to some as “The Oncoming Storm.” With each battle he fights so many more die. There are times when he becomes a real megalomaniac. All the praise in the universe would go to your head too if you believed it and you might just believe you have the power to determine who lives and who dies.

5. Cybermen

The original tin upgrade. The first time we saw them was back in 1966. The originals were genetically modified humans whereas the later versions are robots with human brains/bodies inside. Their sole purpose in life is to take over the Earth and upgrade all human by removing their capacity for emotions. They got really scary when Missy began putting the souls of the dead into their bodies.

4. The Silence

Imagine a creature with so much mind control that it can make you forget you’d seen it as soon as you looked away. Now imagine that creature being 8 feet tall with the ability to suck your soul out with electricity. You have officially met The Silence. And when they want to hunt you down you’ll know because you will have tally marks all over to remind yourself you’re being hunted.

3. The Master/Mistress

This is The Doctor’s arch nemesis: his childhood pal turned crazy, a Time Lord bent on destroying The Doctor by whatever means necessary. He has been taunting the Doctor since 1971. And although they have called many truces, they never last long. Whether he is capturing The Doctor and helping the Toclafane invade Earth or whether she (yes Time Lords can change sex during regeneration) is harvesting the souls of the dead to create a new kind of Cyberman army, this Time Lord is nothing like The Doctor. He makes Davros look like a nun, that’s how crazy and evil he is.

2. Dalek

Across the universe these creatures are feared and believed to be the most deadly war machines of all time. They even captured and enslaved their maker at one point. Their catchphrase is the most frightening thing to hear because you know that most likely you will be dead in a matter of seconds. The Doctor has wiped them out of existence at least three times but they keep coming back. They mutate and get smarter. They are one resilient bunch. They have the most deadly weapons and armor. Their sole purpose in life, as they are living mutants inside their metal shells, is to hate and kill everything that isn’t a Dalek. So if you ever hear the word “EXTERMINATE” from an unknown source: run like your life depended on it.

1. Weeping Angels

The scariest villains in all time are the Weeping Angels. Yes, I do mean EVER. It’s because they are everywhere and are watching you. The Doctor’s famous line, “Don’t Blink. Blink and you’re dead,” is a warning about the statues that aren’t really statues. The Weeping Angels can only come and attack you when you close your eyes, are in the dark, or anytime no one is looking at them. They are quantum locked humanoids who feed on the time energy of humans. This means they don’t murder you exactly. They send you to an alternate time to live off your life which is in the past. Essentially you die before you were even born. It’s a cruel sick game. To this day I try not to blink when I see stone statues and gargoyles just in case.

What are some of your scariest Doctor Who villains? Let us know!

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