Jon Pertwee Commemorative Magazine Cover

On this day, May 20th in 1996, we lost the beloved Pertwee who played the wonderful third incarnation of Doctor Who from 1970 to 1974. His run has been considered the golden age of this science fiction show. This time introduced UNIT, the British intelligence agency, as a regular recurring part of the show for the rest of it’s run. He appeared in over 120 episodes of the show spanning 5 Seasons.

After his exit in 1974 he returned for the 20th Anniversary episode in 1989 The Five Doctors, toured to play a theatrical version of The Doctor, and performed for 3 years on BBC radio drama. He loved the role as so many actors do who play The Doctor.

To commemorate his death, Doctor Who Magazine has opened up the voting to pick the best Jon Pertwee cover to place on it’s 500th publication from its last 499 issues. Their 500th edition comes out next week. The votes have been narrowed down to 50 finalists and the voting ends at midnight Sunday (UK time), May 21, 2016.

You can vote and show your support to one of the greats of Doctor Who at

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