Warner Bros. DC Restructures as a Result of Bad Movies

After the onslaught of harsh criticisms of Dawn of Justice, despite a rewarding Box Office number, Warner Bros. DC will be undergoing studio restructuring. Comic book and television writer Geoff Johns will now be heading the DCU as Executive Producer. That’s great news for WB, as Geoff Johns was the co-creator and previous writer for the contrastingly popular Arrow and Flash series in comparison to the recent cinematic failures.

WB did explain that the restructuring decision isn’t solely based on the criticisms of Dawn of Justice, but the overall financial performances of their recent films. This puts actual comic book fans and creators in executive positions and prevents Zack Synder and David Goyer from heading executive decisions.

John Berg, studio executive Vice President, will be joining Johns in overseeing the shared universe as a whole. It appears that the studio is trying to mimic the Marvel Studios strategy with Kevin Feige at the MCU’s helm.

DC is restructuring in other areas as well, though not entirely in good ways. The Flash (film) director Seth Grahame-Smith left the project despite the 2018 release slate while WB ordered reshoots for Suicide Squad.

However, some things will remain. Based on his well-received performance in Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck will be reprising his role as the Batman in future films in addition to producing the upcoming Justice League film.

Whether this restructuring will help or hurt the studio remains to be seen. But if Warner Bros. DC can produce movies as great as their animated films, maybe they can make WB DC great again.

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