Overwatch Launch - What You Need to Know

Overwatch by developer Blizzard Entertainment is a new first-person, team based shooter focused primarily on players successfully completing the objective rather than who can accumulate the most kills. The game currently rocks 21 different heroes each with different personalities and abilities. Tank, support, offense, are all various roles a player can take on making the game friendly to those not particularly experienced with FPS games.

The game itself focuses on a futuristic Earth where a worldwide peace-keeping force, Overwatch, was created by the United Nations. Originally created to fight the rebellion of robots that were throwing the world into upheaval, Overwatch continued as the universal peace-keeping force for years until a terrorist attack destroyed their headquarters. That, along with the contention of public controversy, left the team disbanded….Until now.

Overwatch is available today at 4 pm in Los Angeles while the game’s official release date is Tuesday, May 24th due to the difference in time zones. Blizzard’s servers go live globally so that everyone will have access simultaneously. This definitely beats the rolling schedule that some developers use upon a launch but this also means that there will be a massive amount of players on at the same time. There are sure to be issues so if you find yourself encountering one make sure to report it to Blizzard’s dedicated support forum.

Here are some tidbits to keep in mind if you are snagging the game today:

  • Make sure you have enough memory on your chosen platform to install the game. Xbox One requires 10 GB, Playstation 4 requires 20 GB, and the PC requires a whopping 30 GB.

  • Overwatch is an exclusively online game. If you are playing on the One or PS4 you will need to have an Xbox Live Gold Membership or a Playstation Plus Membership to jump on. Luckily playing on the PC does not require a subscription but you will need to install Battlenet, the desktop-app that provides access to Blizzard games, and sign-up for a free Battlenet account.

  • Download early! You won’t be able to play until your area’s launch time but if it’s already pre-installed then once it hits you are good to go! Note: Many players will be downloading so expect this to take a while.

  • Buy the game on the platform you will play with the most friends. Unfortunately Xbox One, PS4, and PC users can’t play with each other so it comes down to which one you prefer and can have the most fun with. Don’t forget to charge your controllers! Also, if you are having any issues with multiplayer connection try troubleshooting that ahead of time. If your home setup allows it connecting an Ethernet cable directly to your router could help.

Cheers loves!

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