DC Universe Rebirth Launch

Comic Book shops everywhere celebrated the launch of DC’s new Rebirth series at Midnight, May 25th. It combines canon formed in The New 52 Series with the old Pre-FlashPoint canon to both reboot and continue where New 52 left off. The entirety of DC’s line of comics are to be affected by the new rebirth by the end of 2016 with some previously monthly titles to be released bi-monthly.

The first issue for the launch comes in two variant covers. One showcases many of the affected cast, loveable and love-to-hate-able characters bursting from the cover. The other is a more poetic cover with fainter lines and dulled out color, and characters reaching out for a mysterious hand. Both variants are going for $2.99, as will all Rebirth titles.

The first issue takes place after Justice League #50 and Superman #52 and opens with a mysterious, yet familiar narrator who summarizes previous events that lead up to the rebirth. Eventually the narrator alludes to a someone “more powerful than the Reverse-Flash. More powerful than even Darkseid.”

What seemed like 4 chapters of a Flashpoint re-hash was a quick and dirty attempt to bring both new and old readers up to speed (pun totally intended). Though not necessarily a bad thing, the first issue does recap the road so far while setting the stage for the new storyline within the first issue. Pacing was intentionally rough, creating a needed urgency, and the artwork has the cleanliness of modern styles. Rebirth also reintroduces their much appreciated line of diverse characters without going too far into backstory.

With time and memory huge themes in just the first issue, it will be interesting to see how other characters are affected by the rebirth.

Let us know what you think of the Rebirth in the comments below!

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