Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Confirmed!

Bandai Namco Entertainment America (The creators of Dragon Ball Xenoverse) released a trailer confirming a part two to an amazing franchise. The trailer is great from start to finish. It does an amazing job at showing off its engine by showing off a beautiful scenery. The music wonderfully creates a heroic appeal that makes players want to be like Goku. Some information to the main story is revealed by showing off a new Time Patrol Base. Maybe something happened to the old base. Or maybe the time patrol grew in size just like it had at the end of the first Xenoverse, requiring them to make a new base. With the new Time Patrol Base, they show a holographic statue of your character which indicates that you have risen high in their ranks and are well respected amongst the Time Patrol Units. For the main story, it may look like it is a little bit of a rehash of the first one because it shows some iconic scenes with some famous villains being powered up by a purple substance. But that also raises the question of who is powering these villains because in the first Xenoverse, you defeat both of the antagonists. Perhaps one is a copy cat trying to finish what the other couldn’t or maybe they got wished back with the Dragon Balls. The trailer ends with a quote stating “Outcomes you wished were different” so maybe you will be able to alter the Dragonball Universe. With all that being said, I’m really excited for this game to come out because the first Xenoverse had much replay ability. What about you?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is going to be released sometime this year in 2016 in Japan. Keep an eye out for the U.S. release date!

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