Loki2016 - Political Stance: Unemployment

The views of Loki Americanson does not reflect the views of Nerdbot, but don't tell him that.

A man is lost without a purpose. Anyone would be. Personally, I count myself blessed to have the clarity to know that my purpose is to lead. Everywhere I look, I see something that should be better and everyone I meet is someone I should have an unquestioned authority over.

But my fellow Americans, that’s a job that can only belong to me. The next step is to ask “What about the rest of the American people? Those who struggle to find employment. Those who lack that same razor sharp sense of purpose as our great leader?"

My response is simple. I can guarantee that this problem is simply one in a long line of issues that can be easily solved by granting me; Loki, a never before permissible amount of unhindered power over the people of the United States of America. If you seek work, I have the imagination and the ambition to find a purpose for you.

(I love nothing more than seeing young people pursuing their intellectual pursuits. What’re these young Americans getting up to now? Productivity. That’s what!)

I believe that Americans value the product of a hard day’s work or a hard week’s work. Especially a hard life’s work. I can give each and every man woman and child the guarantee that there will be a calling for you. A machine to operate, a surface to smooth, an empire to expand until we are all functional parts of a nation so much more grand than the one we live in today.

America was born in a time when industry was proven to be the vehicle for a successful economy. History has shown that hard work cannot be looked at as an option. Work is mandatory. There is no other way. There is no “But I can’t!” in Loki’s America! Of course you can! So long as American hearts beat and American lungs draw breath, they will fuel industry. As long as American minds think, they will innovate. This country was built by survivors. The strong of body and the loyal of heart. That’s who we can all be if we try.

(America’s factories won’t let our metals go to waste!)

We can work to solve problems like hunger. All it takes is a slight change of perspective. It’s hard to feed every mouth in the nation. It’s easy to feed an army. Technology will thrive because we are a people who are inventive in how we destroy that which might stop us. Those things and people that might threaten us. At home, over seas, and into the far reaches of the cosmos, we will move forward into lands that may pose a threat to progress and we will develop an impeccable methodology of efficient resource management. The United states will be unlimited and you, my fellow Americans will be the tide that breaks down the dam our world has built to hold us back.

(Together, whether young or old, Every American will have a job to do!)

Let’s move outward and onward together. One united work force. One United American Nation.

-Loki Americanson Future president of the (Expanded) United States of America

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