Captain Hydra, the New Captain America

Captain America, a golden symbol for all things patriotic, and good has recently gotten a huge twist. In Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #1, our original super soldier gets all serumed after losing his super strength and vitality previously.

However, that’s not all it is hinted. In this issue that the original super soldier is actually a deep undercover agent of Hydra.

Time interviewed the executive producer, Tom Brevoort, about the changes in a recent article. Nick Spencer, the new writer for this upcoming series pitched the idea, and it was quickly snatched up. In an Entertainment Weekly piece, he commented that he was building off Rick Remender’s idea that Hydra was everywhere.

According to the Time article, Nick Spencer actively involved with politics, and does like to refer to them metaphorically in his work. Will this affect the political agenda of the comic time will only tell. However, either way this will not be the same Captain America fans know and love.

Future comics and perhaps the cinematic universe will be affected. With Captain America going rogue in Captain America: Civil War anything is possible, especially if the writers and creators want to keep fans surprised.

What does this mean for Captain America? Apparently, he is himself, not a clone or imposter, and has been a Hydra plant from the start. For many fans this seems like an extreme twist, and the discussion about it is going strong on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. lready, there is a lot of backlash and it will only grow from here. More news will come forward as the next issue in the series will show the layout of how Captain America turned to the dark side.

Hail Hydra.

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