The Flash Season 2 Ends With a Bang

The multiverse was saved. Zoom was defeated. “The man in the iron mask” was finally revealed. But what is up next for the scarlet speedster in Season 3? Where do the actions of Barry Allen lead the series to now?

The finale did not disappoint. At the end of the episode, the Magnetar (the device Zoom built to destroy the multiverse) imploded as a time remnant of the Flash sacrificed himself to stop it. Then, not one but two-time wraiths came through a breach and dragged Zoom off after he was defeated by the Flash. His battered body deteriorated to almost a corpse like state and his all black costume changed as well. The Emblem on his chest turned to a red lightning bolt with white backing and the lightning bolt wings on his mask turned red as well. Does this mean he became the Death-like Black Flash from the comics? Will we see his menacing presents again in Season 3?

After the climactic battle, Henry from Earth-2 and Cisco removed the mask from the man who claimed to be Jay Garrick from Earth-3 and learned his true identity. Multiverses are common in comic books, but can be tricky to bring that into a live-action episode format. But The Flash handles it well and I hope to see other speedsters from the multiverse.

The last scene of the episode showed an emotionally distraught Barry who decides to travel back in time to stop the Reverse Flash from killing his mother. This has already happened once before, where Season 1 Flash hid in the next room and allowed history to play out. However, this time around, the episode nods to the very popular story arc of the comics that lent itself to the equally popular animated movie, Flashpoint.

In Flashpoint, Barry wakes up in the present day and no longer has the speed force powers. The world is practically topsy turvy and there is a war between Atlantis and the Amazonian’s. Batman isn’t who you'd think he is and the Justice League is non-existent. With the successful crossovers, will the show try to reinterpret Flashpoint? What will happen to Barry when he returns to the present?

Let us know what you think will happen in Season 3 in the comment section below!

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