Mirror's Edge Catalyst TV Show in Works

Video game based movies always made people cringe with worry. These live-action mediums could never handle the aesthetic and story of the game quite right. But how about a TV show?

The upcoming reboot/sequel to EA DICE's popular Mirror's Edge launches early June, but TV rights are already in works. Praised for it's aesthetic, vibrant yet minimalist artistry, the universe has huge brand appeal and sponsorship potential. Additionally, the game's main character, Faith Connors, is a highly acclaimed heroine that's lacking in other forms of media. EA is in talks with Big Brother, The Biggest Loser, and Hell on Wheels makers, Endemol Shine Studios, who want to make a female-centric action series.

Endemol Shine Studios handles the scripted side of the company's properties, so that rules out the potential of a reality parkour show, as interesting as that would be. The exact details are still being worked on.

While we do know that both EA and Endemol Shine want to embrace the female-centricness of Mirror's Edge, with recent casting criticisms, we have to wonder if they'll find appropriately diverse actresses for the main role.

What do you think of a Mirror's Edge TV Show? Let us know in the comments below.

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