Surfaced Images Show New Power Rangers Suits In Action

Image: YVRShoots

The upcoming Power Rangers Movie had begun filming in Steveston Richmond, BC Canada. Recent images of the set showed the Red Ranger’s stunt performer fighting off Puttys to save his father (played by David Denman) being trapped in a blue pick up truck.

Image: YVRShoots

The surfaced images also provide us with a better look of the new suits as well as a glance of other stuntmen in green suits.

Image: YVRShoots

If we’re being honest, the new suits do look similar to the Iron Man Mark 6 suit from the Iron Man 2 movie, arc reactor and all. Maybe the Power Rangers’ suits are made of vibranium, too.

The new suits continue to add to the uproar caused by the reveal of Rita Repulsa’s (played by Elizabeth Banks) costume, which looks nothing like her original costume at all. Some fans are dubbing this new look as, “Green Rita.”

But as we know, rarely anything stays the same between reboots. Not even the new Dinozords.

What do you think of the new images? Let us know in the comments below.

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