5 Steps To The Best TV Show Binging Experience

I enjoy television second to video games. But countless episodes and runtimes led me to develop quite the backlog. This is the reason why I am usually a season or two behind (with the exception of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead, because those shows are great). Streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, allow me to catch up on my backlog. Even programs like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue allow convenience at your pace through DVR storage. And if you rather just pay for on demand through your Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire or Apple TV, usually that episode is no more than $1.99 and you can buy the season pass of that particular season.

Currently my backlog consists of the following…

Daredevil season 2

Flash season 2

Arrow season 4

Archer season 7

Leftovers season 2

Fargo season 2

The People vs OJ Simpson

Gotham season 1

Rick and Morty season 2


This is a great problem to have.

You’ll never run out of tv to watch once you are ready and at your pace. I killed a whole two seasons of Breaking Bad in less than 10 days and that was a joy to do.

Here are some tips to amplify your binging experience:

1. Go at your pace. Excellent television is being made right now as you continue your binge train and don’t be afraid to start your binge.

2. Get comfy. Usually a drink in your hand is the best way to go about your journey. Have your significant other or friends to join you.

3. Know when the next season airs. If I find out it starts in a few weeks, I will go attack that previous season. Some shows like The Walking Dead have mid-season finales. This is great to have as it allows you to either catch up on the previous season during that seasonal gap or watch something completely different until it starts again.

4. Manage your time when it comes to binging if your goal is being up to date. If you miss out, you'll have to ignore social media for the next few days because spoilers can flat out ruin your binging experience.

5. See if it was picked up for a second season. I watched ABC’s The River which was flat out fantastic. By the time I got to the end, news reports say the show has been cancelled. I felt like I read a book that wasn’t finished.

What are your tips for the best binging experience? Lets us know!

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