Riverside Ranger SoCal Cosplay Gathering

(Image: Landon Grissom)

I went on location to the Riverside Ranger SoCal Cosplay Gathering meetup in Riverside at Fairmount Park. Upon arriving we stumbled upon a Group known in the East Los Angeles area known as We The Geeks of East LA, a group who make Power Ranger Fan Films and other nerdy ventures.

As they were just wrapping up their anti bullying video, I asked the founder of the group, Carlos Danny Castellanos, why he makes these videos.

He replied:

I do it for fun, not only to put myself out there as a actor. But also to send a message: To be anti-bullying or find self confidence in themselves. Some people would say to me "I wish i could do what you do" and all I try to do is tell them you can. Everything you need is on the web. I point to the direction and they take it from there.

As for the event it was quite a turnout. Hosted by The Riverside Ranger, Eduardo Silva, lots of cosplayers showed up along with kids who were suited to take pictures and have a fun, chill day at the park.

Check out some images below:

(Images: Pablo Escobar)

I would definitely try to make it to the next event.

Just be sure, if you're wearing a ranger suit, to have a backpack and pack your personal belongings in it to ensure you don't lock your keys in your car by mistake.

Did you go? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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