5 Favorite Comic Book Characters in the Military

This Memorial Day we take a moment to thank those who have fallen for us and celebrate life in remembrance of those who gave up theirs for us. We take a look at our favorite comic book characters previously enlisted in the military so that we can honor our real life heroes.

Venom – Flash Thompson

Flash Thompson, then-bully to Peter Parker, entered the US Army after high school. The jerk-turned-good guy then saved his partner in the battlefield which caused him to lose his legs. After a government sanctioned experiment, Flash combined with the alien symbiote, reproduced his legs, and became the new Venom.

Ms Marvel – Carol Danvers

Originally an officer of the US Air Force, Danvers is hit with an explosion and granted powers of Ms. Marvel. She had worked her way through various super powered groups, such as the Avengers and X-Men, and went on to assume the identity Captain Marvel.

The Green Lantern – Hal Jordan

An acclaimed pilot of the US Air Force, Jordan is one of three children of a test pilot who died in front of the young Jordan’s eyes. An alien imbues him with mantle of Green Lantern as well as a ring that forms into anything he wills it to.

The Punisher – Frank Castle

A Vietnam War Veteran, Castle has experience in the Marines, Army, and Navy as well as an Australian Spec Ops Unit. When Castle returned from tour, his family was murdered before him and was denied justice by a corrupted police. Castle became the Punisher, a powerless anti-hero bent on avenging his fallen family.

Captain America – Steve Rogers

A frail and sickly individual, Rogers was rejected from enlisting in the Army but his earnestness gave him the opportunity to take part in a secret experiment that granted him the perfect human body. After being trained, he was given a red, white, and blue uniform to become a patriotic icon to combat the idolism of Red Skull in Europe.

Let us know in the comments below: Who's your favorite military comic book character.

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