Surgeon Simulator Gets Presidential

Ever wondered what the inside of Donald Trump looks like? Ever wish you could just hug the GOP front runner’s insides with a scalpel? Well, now you can with Surgeon Simulator’s new $3 anniversary expansion.

SS is a game developed by Bossa Studios, in which you step into the shoes or rather hands of a surgeon to save your patient’s life by performing organ transplants and other delicate operations. The game has some of the worst controls ever in a game but surprisingly, the game’s poor controls is actually its selling point. YouTubers and Livestreamers often use this game to add some hilarity to their channels since admittedly it is pretty funny to watch their frustration boil as they sincerely try to keep their virtual patients alive.

I don’t know what kind of medical procedures we’ll have to perform but it would be pretty funny if one of them was a hair transplant.

Surgeon Simulator: Inside Donald Trump is also available on Steam as a Bundle for $13

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