The Master Makes A Return

It was announced at MegaCon in Orlando that our beloved Doctor’s arch nemesis, The Master, will return. Actually, it will be the female version of the evil Time Lord, Missy, that will be making a return.

Michelle Gomez let it slip that she will be back reprising her role. Although we have yet to hear an official word from The Doctor Who team, Gomez wasn’t in character for this to be an evil trick. Gomez was nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television award (BAFTA) for her role. Although she did not win, it was definitely a win for the show as no actor has been nominated since Matt Smith back in 2011.

She is one of my favorite characters on the show and definitely a fan favorite. Her exit in The Witch’s Familiar was a real cliff hanger giving me a suspicious feeling that when we see her again she will as some major tricks up her sleeve. After all, her final words before her exit were: “ You know what? I’ve got a very clever idea.”

Remember to look out for her and all the new episodes of Doctor Who to come out some time next year and the Christmas special which will air this December.

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