Namor Returns to Marvel

Namor the Sub-Mariner is back! First appearing in Marvel Comics #1 in 1939, Namor the Sub-Mariner is one of Marvel’s original heroes alongside Captain America and the original Human Torch. Reports for years have had Universal, or possibly Fox, owning the rights to the original anti-hero and ruler of Marvel’s Atlantis for movies and TV. But recently on Kevin Smith’s podcast, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada reported that Marvel has the movie rights to Namor.

Who is Namor?

Think Aquaman, but cooler. Namor is a conflicted man that predates Aquaman by a couple of decades. Sometimes he fights the heroes and sometimes he helps them, mostly based around his role as ruler of the seas. He has long been a Fantastic Four antagonist and has a fraught relationship with the Black Panther.

Why is this great news for Marvel?

Unlike some of the other bad guys that Disney has the movie rights to, Namor is powerful and intelligent. He commands armies and has nearly a century of backstory. He’s exactly the kind of character that could take on the Avengers or help tackle a cosmic threat. Namor could really fill in that big problem that Marvel has right now regarding their lack of great bad guys in the Cinematic Universe.

Oh, and – spoiler alert – Namor was unceremoniously killed recently in the comics by the Squadron Supreme. He fell victim to the plan Marvel seems to have to kill or ignore all the characters they don’t have the movie rights to not named Spider-Man. If he shows up on the big screen, we can almost guarantee he will make a triumphant return in the comics, head fully attached.

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