Mods on Console for Fallout 4

The all mighty Bethesda finally released mods on the console for Fallout 4. It’s important to remind you that if you’re not familiar with modifying your playthrough, your run the risk of damaging your game. Bethesda does warn you of that so don’t go crazy with downloading too many. Mods also disable achievements and trophies for XBOne and PS4.

After a few days of toying around with the mods, it reaffirmed my trust in their decisions to release them. Coming from a person who beat Fallout 4 and the DLCs, and invested multiple hours into the game, I felt like I was done with it.

But the mods are a game changer. I could take part in what seemed like a PC only perk and it adds so much more content to the game. Almost as if it’s a new game on its own. They have mods with texture packs to make the game look better, gun packs, even mods that add on to the story! All you have to do is make Bethesda account and sync it up with your console and you have access to all the mods it's that easy! This has forced me to go back and replay the game all over again now it feels entirely different now.

For instance, instead of seeing a deathclaw I see something else much more awesome it's Macho Man Randy Savage.

There is so much more to do in this amazing game now and if you haven’t tried out the mods yet I highly recommend you do so. Adding mods to consoles was a brilliant decision and I hope that they continue to do this with future projects.

Here's IGN's Official How To Guide for the XBOne:

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