Norman Reedus As Ghostrider?

Calling on Bikers, Walking Dead Fans and Ghost Rider fans! What do we all have in common?

Norman Reedus, also known as Daryl from The Walking Dead, recently said he was beyond enthusiastic about being Ghost Rider and should Marvel should approach him. Fan are going crazy over the statement agreeing that he fits the character so well. He is a bike enthusiast, a self proclaimed bad ass, and one handsome dude. Men and women everywhere can totally see him as Ghost Rider. Reedus said he would totally love the flames and everything coming out of his head if the part would be given to him.

Currently there are no plans for a reboot. Although the movie rights were reclaimed by Marvel in 2013, so it might be in works in the not-so distant future. A

Currently you can see Norman Reedus on AMC's The Walking Dead or Ride, a new show on the same network.

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