Cosplay as Therapy

We all come from different walks of life. One thing nerds have in common is that we love to cosplay. We all have different reasons why we may do so-- to dress up, to express yourself, to escape the realities of the world, or something else entirely.

On May 31st, a person who I hold very dear to my heart was taken to a psychiatric ward for attempted suicide. I broke down, didn’t know what to do, and I felt alone. I couldn’t see the brightside to any of this, and it was next to impossible for me to be happy knowing that someone I care so deeply for just tried to take their own life. I tried to do things that usually cheer me up. I went out with friends, bought some comic books, and played video games. But nothing seemed to be doing the trick.

I couldn’t help but feel this sadness take over despite visiting her, calling her, and telling her that she had friends and family that loved her. Even I was starting to get depressed. One day I saw an old box of my cosplay costumes and just put on a Division one for fun. Suddenly, I looked at myself in the mirror and forgot about everything.

I wasn't myself. I was an agent, a symbol of hope, a hero someone looked up to. It was unbelievable that something as simple as putting on a outfit could make me feel so much better.

Everything seemed to be getting better. I’m happy to report that my friend is doing well and is getting the treatment she needs. From the looks of it, she may be coming home really soon.

Cosplaying is almost very therapeutic. It helped me during a very dark time. Cosplaying is something that I will always hold dearly to my heart. And if you’re uncertain about your cosplay just go and do it. You'll never know what you'll get out of it.

That is why I cosplay.

Get Help: Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) online chat:

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