Road to E3 - What to Expect this Year?

Every year at E3 there comes a few new games or sequels that get you excited to play. For instance at last year's E3, Fallout 4 was announced out of nowhere, a game many still play months after its release. Then, there are new IP’s like Horizon Zero Dawn, a cool idea revolving a Jurassic time of cavemen and um…robots? We will see more of that at this year’s E3 as well as a new update on The Last Guardian exclusive for PlayStation. I am sure we will see even more on No Mans Sky as well and the latest with Zelda for Nintendo.

The game we expect to steal the show is Cuphead. It is 100 percent hand drawn and offers nonstop action involving Mario-like platforming, and Contra-like shooting in a retro 1930 universe.

Nintendo decided to pull out of showing anything on Nintendo NX this year. But to be fair, the Nintendo NX probably isn’t ready to be shown at this time.

No Mans Sky has been delayed for a long time. And it's starting to feel like it's time to forget about it and move on. Despite the open world and the seemingly revolutionary and ambitious concepts, the hype might get the better of it, and may flop like Evolve did.

This is definitely the year for VR. We can expect some big exclusive titles to convince people to spend the $300-400 on VR.

We can also expect announcements for digital media streaming. Whether Sling TV or PlayStation Vue packages will be announced is unknown, however. Xbox may even introduce a competing service. Either way, digital streaming is growing and quickly becoming the preferred method of distribution.

New games, new services, new surprises, what are you hoping to see at this year's E3?

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