ANNOUNCED: Mass Effect Andromeda

EA dropped a new Mass Effect trailer at the highly anticipated gaming convention in Los Angeles, E3. Die hard fans of the Mass Effect franchise experienced a new jaw dropping trailer.

It opens up with a shooting space ship while a narrator talks about how the human species thrives to travel. The music adds makes you want to travel and explore the unknown. The trailer then shows the new ship that your character will be in charge of with a beautiful space background while revealing that the human species is looking for a new home planet to live on, claiming that “Andromeda” will be the new home for humanity. But the question is, why does humanity need a new home?

The new graphics engine for this new Mass Effect looks beautiful. The trailer showcases the engine's capabilities with desert planets and a beautiful green planet with an enormous alien flying across screen. Even a quick little look at the classic N7 armor gives me major nostalgia, reminding me of my high school days of all-nighters playing Mass Effect.

We also get a glimpse of familiar races. We see an Asari and a new Krogan dropping people off ledges, keeping true to the Krogan stereotype. One of my favorite parts of Mass Effect was being able to drive the armored car around on uncharted planets and I’m happy to see that they brought that back in this new Mass Effect.

It goes on to show a few motion capture behind-the-scenes as well as some new threats of aliens that you’ll be sure to encounter. The trailer ends with a few space ships flying towards the Mass Relay and with what we can assume is the main character waking up saying “We made it.”

The popular trilogy is finally getting another addition to the series that is sure to introduce innovative ideas while playing on nostalgia.

The game has a initial release date In March 2017.

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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