Transformers: The Movie gets a Blu-ray release!

Once upon a time there was one Transformers movie and it was, surprisingly, pretty good. This was 30 years ago, however, and that movie has kind of been forgotten or gone unseen by almost anyone who knows who Michael Bay is. This movie didn’t have a guy from Boston playing a Texas inventor. It didn’t have robots with testicles. What it did have was action, heart-breaking deaths, great voice acting, and a bunch of stuff shoved in to sell kids more toys.

On September 13 – just in time for the 30th anniversary – Transformers: The Movie gets a full on Blu-ray release, remastered and in HD. Hopefully it looks just as good as it did when I saw it in the theaters as a kid. Relive the joys of Orson Wells’ final role as Unicron, clear imitator of Galactus. Thrill at Weird Al singing Dare to be Stupid. You also get Judd Nelson, Casey Kasem, and Eric Idle. Oh! And if that isn’t enough to sell it, you also get Arcee, a proud female Transformer.

You’ve got the touch! You’ve got the power!

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