Disturbing Psychological Thriller, We Happy Few, Gets Summer Release

We Happy Few is a survival horror game that takes place in 1964 in an alternate history where the Nazis successfully invade England. The citizens of Wellington did something they refer to as "A Very Bad Thing" that drove the Nazis out of England. What they did was so bad, they decided as a whole to take these pills called "Joy" pills to forget the horrors of "The Bad Thing."

The game, which has a unique art direction yet also resembles BioShock, opens up with the player character editing newspapers. It appears he has some sort of PTSD from something during the invasion and the character strains to stop taking "Joy" pills. From the looks of it, depending on whether or not you decide to allow your character to take the pills, it'll affect the environment. Declining causes the player character to see his newspaper office for what it really is: a lonely, dirty place. He also sees one of his co-workers get injected with the "Joy" by a gestapo looking man. The trailer continues with the player going to an office party where some friends are hitting a piñata. As soon as it smashes, it is revealed that it was never a piñata but a dead animal. The importance of these pills are made known here and the reliance of it is both unnerving and intriguing.

Once caught off the pills, the character is labled a "Downer" and is chased, caught, and beaten. Early beta versions of the game offered the opportunity to sleep, eat, and keep track of how many "Joy" pills you take. It looks like it'll really test you on how you decide to play the game, forcing you to do things you wouldn't want to do at all.

We Happy Few will release on Xbox Game Preview, July 26th, and will be available on Xbox One and PC.

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