#FrankIsBack - Dead Rising 4

There had been rumors and leaks about the upcoming Capcom game but now Dead Rising 4 has finally been confirmed.

From the looks of it, they seem to be staying true to the game with all its wacky and gory kill animations. At the same time, there are new elements, which is a nice touch. It was confirmed by IGN at the E3 Press Conference that there will be new types of zombies including one they referred to as, "Evo Zombies." These new types will be smarter and harder to kill. They are also introducing one called "Fresh Infected" which are more bloodlust zombies who run instead of walk like the others.

Timed missions are no longer an element to this new Dead Rising game but there still will be tons of side missions to do. Capcom claims that they are able to fit thousands of zombies on one screen. Overwhelming players with zombies is what Dead Rising does best.

The game play introduces plenty of new features and some classic ones as well. The new "Exo Suit" gives you unbelievable strength to lift poles off the ground, send cars flying with a single punch, and crush zombies. They're also bringing back the photo option that gives you bonus XP for taking photos as well as a selfie cam.

Fan favorite Frank West is back as the protagonist for this game. The game takes place in Willamette, Colorado just like the first one, but this time you'll be able to explore not only the mall but the city and its sewers.

The game takes place some time around Christmas and the environments are appropriately decorated with candy cane cross bows and Christmas tree ornaments to use as weapons. It will also be snowing in-game to complete the Winter Wonderland with zombies. They haven't said why Frank is back in the town where the outbreak started, nor have they explained what happened to the previous protagonist, Nick Ramos, and the cure he held in his blood.

The game is set to launch around the Holiday season this year. You can check out the announcement trailer below:

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