Androids Seek Identity in Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream is back again with another hyper realistic, choose your own adventure game with Detroit: Become Human.

Announced last year at the Sony Press Conference at the Pairs Game Show, Detroit: Become Human seems to feature multiple main characters. The first trailer announced featured an android by the name of Kara and her desire to really explore life. The new announcement trailer from this week's E3, introduced Connor, a professional, yet nonhuman, hostage negotiator. Unlike Kara, Connor seems to fully embrace his existence as is. The trailer masterfully builds suspense in order to showcase the uniquely Quantic Dream style of gameplay, in which actions hover over interactive objects and have different consequences. It can be assumed that the player will go through the lives of multiple androids.

What is most impressive is the many different out comes of particular situations and of course the graphical feat. Quantic Dream seems to have finally found the engine to get out of the Uncanny Valley. Quantic Dream's previous game, Beyond: Two Souls, showcased the power of motion capture with Ellen Page as the character model, voice actress, and mo cap actress. Actress Valorie Curry will be taking the role of Kara.

Developer David Cage has earned a notoriety for having self-indulgent themes in his games but it's far too early to tell what the game fully encompasses.

The release date has yet to be announced.

See last year's announcement trailer below:

The opening sequence to Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain did feature a series of characters affected by the plot point, so could the faces featured in the announcement trailer be characters the player will control at some point?

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