Kojima Directs Naked Norman Reedus in Death Stranding

Earlier this year, Hideo Kojima left the company where he made his fame, Konami, after strange and tiring circumstances. With his departure, it was assumed his acclaimed project Silent Hills, which starred actor Norman Reedus, was also abandoned. What would have been the genius, demon child of Kojima and director Guillermo Del Toro, remained a first person concept in the form of a playable teaser. The teaser, affectionately called P.T., was pulled from the PlayStation Store never to be released again. Those fortunate enough to keep the teaser haunted on their systems were able to sell their PS4s for well over the original listed price.

Fast forward to E3 2016. Kojima happily found a home with Sony, launched his own YouTube channel, and started his own developer company, Kojima Productions. Unsurprisingly to Kojima-hopefuls, it was announced that the Silent Hills project survived in a new (and legal) form titled Death Stranding, which still stars Norman Reedus. Unfortunately, Del Toro had left the project when P.T. was taken down.

You can view the trailer below:

It's an odd trailer for sure, showcasing a digital and naked Reedus with a newborn still attached to the umbilical cord, but not unlike Kojima's style (and presumably the remnants of Del Toro's famously horrific yet fantastical influences?). With writer and designer credits for the acclaimed series, Metal Gear Solid, Kojima is known for making "weird" absolutely "cool." Kojima does refer to Kobo Abe, a Japanese author, as an influence to the concept of the game and does suggest that there are clues hidden in the trailer. Immediately noticeable are the illuminated handcuffs, the inorganic umbilical cord, and the many hand prints in the sand and on naked, bellybutton-less Norman Reedus.

Those who have experienced the Playable Teaser know that an unborn child was an integral part of the unreleased game. However, it is unknown how much of that element will carry over. The trailer for Death Stranding does introduce a more somber and mournful tone as opposed to the pants-browning quality of the would-be Silent Hills. But one can hardly judge from a trailer that lasted 3 minutes.

Death Stranding is still in its early stages of development and we have yet to receive a release date.

What do you think of the trailer? Have any insight to the five figures in the sky at the end of the trailer? Will this game be a giant allegory for Kojima's departure from Konami? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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