LA Cosplay Con - a Preview for Summer Cons

Photo by Craig McNelley / Cosplay Corral

Although Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con are just around the corner, there are smaller conventions in the area that you should check out. One of them is L.A. Cosplay Con, which was held last Saturday at the Long Beach Convention Center.

In its third year, this convention centers all things cosplay. They had panels on topics such as cosplay photography, makeup, and children’s cosplay and of course there was a cosplay contest. The first two years it was held at a hotel in Los Angeles and I think it should have been at one again this year. Attendance was good, but when you have a venue such as a convention center, it can feel a little desolate since there was so much space. Perhaps if half the space was used, it would have felt more intimate.

Photo by Craig McNelley / Cosplay Corral

When it came to vendors, they had a good mix of artists, independent comic publishers, and geek fashion. If you want to stay and talk to a vendor or cosplayer about their work you can, unlike at a larger convention where you have to compete with crowds and noise.

Photo by Craig McNelley / Cosplay Corral

That's what makes L.A. Cosplay Con a fun one to attend. It's super relaxed and it's a great way to catch up with your fellow nerds before the craziness of the summer conventions.

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