5 Video Game Dads That Care So, So Much

We end the week of E3 with Father's Day and we celebrate all fathers out there by talking about fictional ones. From bad dads to good dads to guys who aren't really dads or are dadlier than a real dad, this one's for you.

Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite

A man who feels almost nothing but regret. Despite his unspeakable acts of violence, he managed to meet a woman who birthed him a daughter. Unfortunately, she died during labor and that sent him in a deep depression. When a man offers to clear Booker of his crimes in exchange for Booker's daughter, Booker agrees. I'm not sure which makes him the worse dad, being the man who gave up his daughter, or being a man who offered another version of himself to clear his crimes in exchange for that man's daughter, only to keep her locked up.

Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain

Anyone who says they don't pick favorites may be a liar. But sometimes that's not because of ill intent. Sometimes it's because you're not sure which one you should play "airplane" with first. And who knows if that decision led to one of their deaths directly or not (okay probably not) but that doesn't stop you from doing everything in your power to protect the remaining one, including chopping off your pinky with a butcher knife. Ethan Mars was a great dad to Shaun, driving on the wrong side of the freeway for him or risking being electrocuted. But maybe, just maybe if he kept a closer eye out on Jason at the mall, maybe, just maybe, things would have been okay from the get go. And you said there's no such thing as favorites.

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption

An outlaw, a killer, a gunslinger, a robber, a kidnapper-- just a very well-rounded criminal, John Marston isn't exactly the role model type. However, he departed from his gang, after they left him to die, in order to start a family as well as a ranch. After his wife and son are kidnapped, he proves that he will kill, torture, cheat, lie, and even die to keep them safe making him a pretty legendary dad.

Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII

After presumably losing his best friend, Dyne, during the chaos to a destroyed reactor that was largely his fault, Barret takes in his friend's daughter and raises her as his own. He constantly struggles between saving the Planet or being with his daughter, Marlene. Dyne reappears, alive, demanding Barret to kill Marlene so that Dyne's wife wouldn't be lonely in the afterlife. Barret refuses and fights his best friend. It takes a lot of courage (and a gatling gun arm) to take in your best friend's daughter and to fight him when he wants her dead. What a dad.

Joel from The Last Of Us

After failing to save his daughter in a heart wrenching, and beautifully acted, scene, Joel becomes hardened and cranky. He is forced to deliver an immune girl in a world of fungus zombies, and goes through trial after trial to protect her. Even at the end when her death could mean the saving the entire world, Joel stops even that. He still has to teach her how to play the guitar after all.


Octodad From Octodad

Some may say that trying to hide your octo-identity from your family (we still don't know how your kids didn't inherit any of your features) is lying. We like to call it loving. While your neighbor may be onto your mollusc-y ways, you just want a normal life for your wife and kids. Fighting with your identity every day at home, at the supermarket, and aquarium is a struggle not everyone can understand. But at the end of the day, your family loves you for who you are. Thanks, Octodad!

Did we miss any good ones? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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