Fox To Team Up In The MCU Soon?

Just a few years ago, fans begged for Fox and Sony to surrender Marvel Characters to Marvel-Disney. The wouldn't-it-be-great-ifs and the well-technically-Wolverine-was-an-Avenger talks made up most conversations, but people somewhat understood the limiting factors of money-loving studio contracts. Fans remained hopeful, but didn't predict something like Tom Holland's Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War that came right after the unexpected success of Deadpool.

Now all the what-ifs conversations are being held among studio executives and filmmakers, not just fans. 20th Century Fox was reported to have these "Sony-Disney" talks themselves. If Civil War essentially saved Sony's Spider-Man, could another team up help Fox's owned licenses? Because who wouldn't want to see a Fantastic Four movie done right?

What we do know is that Fox is very interested in a team up and we know that the characters they own have a deep rooted history with those owned by Disney. Whether Disney is also interested remains to be seen, but if Spider-Man in Civil War meant anything, then there is still hope.

Who would you like to see team up? Let us know in the comments below.

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