Becoming an Audience Member

Ever wonder how you could be an Audience member? There are many shows being taped in a multitude of locations, especially in the super-hot and sunny Los Angeles Area of beautiful California. Here is a guide on how to sign up for free to attend shows like @midnight, The Talking Dead, or even Dancing With The Stars.

Sign up, Follow, Get Alerts

Find a website that supports tickets to screenings, such as 1iota or On Screen Camera Audiences. Merely having a profile won't get you anywhere. It’s a bit tricky keeping up with the shows when they are added to the site. You literally have to be following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and may also have to check the website everyday (sometimes twice since they tend to add content mid-day at times). Once the show pops up request tickets right away since it is first come first serve. Some events have a lottery system at times but it’s very rare. Getting alerts to e-mails, tweets, or posts can help you get these tickets faster.

Confirm Your Tickets

You’ll get a confirmation pop-up for tickets (2 tops) right when you request them, other times you’ll be placed on a waiting list. Confirm the tickets right away or they’ll go to the next person in-line. If you do not have a ticket, you cannot enter the taping.

Be Fast

Generally, the sooner you confirm the better chance you have of getting tickets classified as “Priority” which would guarantee entrance. When you get “General” admission then you run the risk of not entering the taping if you don’t arrive early enough to get in line. Additionally, requesting one ticket gives you a higher chance of snagging a "Priority" ticket than requesting two tickets.

What to Expect

People will line up an upwards of an hour to ensure entrance. Once checked-in in line, you'll be asked to put your phone away. Some screenings will allow you to bring in your phone, but you'll have to shut it completely off, others will force you to return your phone back to your car. If you took a bus or Uber/Lyft and if the studio is nice, they'll hold your phone but that isn't guaranteed. Tapings will require you to dress nice. Despite rarely being seen on camera, any article of clothing too bright, or with logos, or simply doesn't fit the criteria on the ticket (generally dark colors, upscale casual) will warrant you a seat as far from the cameras (and thusly the stage) as possible, unless otherwise stated.

Be warned!

Tapings can vary, however. Take the following as examples:

For Talking Dead:

You'll watch current episode before the East Coast in a little corridor on the set for “The Price is Right” as well, then a producer comes in and give you a paper to write your name and a question or two you’d like to ask while “On Air."

For @Midnight: After being sorted, the staff will take time to arrange you (so you may be separated from your friend, even if you initially sat down next to them). So don't get too excited if you were initially placed in the front because that can change before the cameras start rolling. A warm-up comedian will come out and encourage the audiences to applaud loudly, and then the show will start. Although the two aforementioned tapings are often filmed in the same studio, you can expect different procedures. It depends on the show, the guests, the studio, and the ticket source. Let us know what your experience was like attending a taping!

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