5 ways to deal with TV show withdrawals

So, we all know Game of Thrones has just ended. What do you do now? Well, unfortunately the show isn’t coming back until next year; most likely Spring 2017. Total bummer, I know. But imagine how Doctor Who fans feel. There hasn’t been an episode since December of 2015. And we won’t see one until Christmas time. And what about all those Sherlock fans? The last full season was in 2014! Yes, there was a single episode released in January of this year but that was a serious tease. How can a whole two years pass with just one single episode? This is the same for countless shows who leave us waiting for months, even years until they release a new season.

Well don’t fear. I have come up with five great ways to cope with the withdrawals of losing your show. After all, I am an avid Doctor Who fan and this past six months have been killing me. These surefire activities will make the time pass faster. Hopefully this can help on the long waiting road to the next season.

1. Binge watch the series from the beginning

This could mean starting as far back as 1963 Doctor Who or just starting with the revamp from 2005. For Sherlock fans each episode is the length of a movie so binging can get tiresome. You can start by watching a couple episodes everyday. Or take a weekend and watch a season at a time. Try and look for things you never noticed: subtle nuances, hidden meanings, even things that may be inconsistent from episode to episode. Since it’s not the first time watching it you can see it from a different point of view.

2. Read the books

Most TV shows nowadays are based on books. Compare them to the show. Maybe there are a lot of similarities or maybe it is entirely different. The director and screenwriters sometimes take a lot of liberties in transforming a book into a television show. In some cases there may not be books but there may be comics based upon the characters or even books that are based upon the show. Some of these tell the stories of what happened in between episodes or they give back stories to some events in the show. Either way it is a great way to once again get a new perspective on the show.

3. Develop a new routine during that time slot

Decide on something to do each week during the regular hour or however long the show is during the time it would air. You already have that day and time engraved in your brain for your show so every week you feel like it’s going to come on. Why not use that same time to do something else: play a new video game or even create a tournament with friends that you play with. It might even be a great time you designate to make new a cosplay outfit or continue on the ones you're in the process of.


Being healthy is kind of important. It’s a great way to create endorphins in your body which help make you happy. This feeling of well-being will definitely lessen the blow of not seeing your favorite characters each week. Who knows, you may even really like it and start exercising more days a week. It’s never too late or too early to get off the couch and get your sweat on. The other benefit is you can totally do this with your other friends who are also into the show. Imagine walking the treadmill or taking a hike discussing the backstories of your favorite character with your fellow Whovians or Throners. (I’m not sure what you call people obsessed with Game of Thrones but that’s what I’m calling them.) Feeling the burn while feeling the bond is a double whammy.

5. Find another show to watch.

This may seem so obvious but some people just don’t see the benefits or the same joy in other shows. But there are literally over 1,000 shows and over 4,000 movies on Netflix alone (in the US.). This does not include the countless shows that are not on Netflix but on certain other streaming apps like Hulu and Amazon Prime. Plus, there are TV shows and movies that are only on paid apps like HBOGo or Showtime. So try something new. You never know. You might fall in love with a new set of characters that just as interesting. Plus there is always good ol’ tried and true regular TV. There are shows that start in the off-season of other ones; maybe even in the same timeslot. The possibilities are endless. So be adventurous, take a leap of faith and turn the channel. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Not all of these techniques will work for everyone but I am sure at least one will fit your situation. I know for me, I have found solace in so many new murder mysteries. I have even gone back to some of my favorites like Mythbusters and watched all those episodes I never saw. I’ve even bought a few Doctor Who comic books. Plus, there are even novels. Whatever ways you are using to cope with the withdrawals just remember one thing: the show will be back and when it does IT WILL BE AMAZING!

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