Top 5 Most Patriotic Superheroes

'Murca needs no introduction. Here are our 5 favorite flag waving, red-white-and-blue wearing, justice serving, face punchers.

Captain America

It’s in his name. The American icon debuted in 1941 and was originally designed with the name “Super American.” Writer Joe Simon decided there were too many “Super” superheroes and changed the name to Captain America. Captain America was originally the alter ego of Steve Rogers who underwent a super soldier program. Many other characters took on the name Captain America including teen hero Patriot’s grandfather, Isaiah Bradley, William Burnside, Sam Wilson (formerly Falcon), Bucky, and even Scott Summers of the X-men.


Though technically an outer space alien, the Kryptonian originally stood for “truth and justice,” when he debuted in June of 1938. Later the phraseology changed to “Truth, justice, and the American way” to “Truth, justice, and peace for all mankind” and sometimes would revert back to just “truth and justice.” But it doesn’t change the fact that the red-and-blue clad Kansas bred alien was a symbol for patriotism.

Iron Patriot

The Iron Patriot debuted in 2009 during the Dark Reign storyline. Unlike the MCU where Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes takes the mantel initially, the origin of the red, white, and blue armor was donned on Norman Osborn while trying to form his own Avengers. However, in the 2013 movie, Iron Man 3, Iron Patriot becomes a symbol as the American Hero post-Chitauri invasion in New York in the first Avengers film.

Miss America

Debuting in 1943, Miss America was an attempt to gain a young and female following in the comic book scene. The most recent depiction of Miss America debuted in 2013 under Marvel Now’s line of comics that pushed for diversity and modern representation of heroes. Miss America, America Chavez, is a Latina, LGBT teenager raised by two mothers with the powers of flight and strength, and can kick open portals to different realities.

Uncle Sam

The famed personification of the American Government and symbol of patriotism became a DC super hero in 1940. Originally a soldier from the Revolutionary War, his spirit reappears when the country needs him. Leader of the Freedom Fighters, his powers include strength, speed, dimension travel, and invulnerability. Vertigo published a miniseries of the character very different from his original appearance.

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