Adult Swim Emoji’s are Forever!

Adult Swim released a new app called [as] Keyboard which is available on Apple Store and on Google Play. To celebrate the release on Saturday, June 25th, they collaborated with 3 tattoo shops across the US. They were in New York City, NY, Atlanta, Georgia and Venice, California. The tattoo shops were to provide free tattoos (3” x 3” in size) of 10 pre-selected emoji from the app. With the slogan of “You already make poor decisions, make one with us,” and some really awesome selections, I wanted to make a bad decision. So I went to check it out.

At around 11:15 AM there were about 40 people in line already. The event ran from noon to 9:00 PM, so I figured I had enough time to get one since. It took about half an hour per colored tattoo. Most of the people were coming out with Rick or Plumbus emoji’s (from Rick and Morty), a few walked out with Mr. Pickles and #21 (from Venture Bros).

By 2 pm, I had moved about 20 feet. Word had spread about the event and friends of people waiting in line showed up and cut in. The number of people in front of me had almost doubled. So the outlook of getting one done had diminished and there was no numbered ticket type of system in place. Sadly, the only bad decision I made that day was not arriving earlier. Now I’ll have to pay to get a Rick & Morty tattoo.

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