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“Made In America.” What does that mean when we really consider it? We know that American work ethic and craftsmanship is something to be proud of, but why? Is it the material we use? Is it the standards to which we hold the fruits of our labor?

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s our dedication to doing the job right, even if it needs to be done more than once. Americans never claimed to be perfect. We make mistakes and that’s just how it is sometimes, but even these flaws are opportunities to learn how to get better. That’s called on the job training. Even off the job, we’re learning the fundamental skills needed to be constructive, creative members of society.

There is no such thing on Earth as perfection. We’re taught and we’re tested and we sometimes fail. That’s education. But then we study harder or refine our methods and do it until it’s done right... That’s what makes us great. RE-education.

It’s never been enough to simply know the facts. Just a few decades ago, we KNEW that this solar system contained nine planets. Now, we know it doesn’t. We knew that cigarettes made us healthy and charismatic. Now, we know better. We knew that some people had less rights than others. Now, we know better.

I ask you, my fellow Americans, are you willing to settle for the archaic beliefs of yesterday when tomorrow is calling with a new, brighter way of thinking? If that doesn’t sit so well with you, then I’m your candidate. This is the commencement bell of the new school. A fresh start. A way to get on track for your new career. Your new life. Totally free of charge.

As citizens, we will think as one. A single system of beliefs, of political standing, of morality. A single state of mind, brought to you in vibrant, graphic presentations of the best possible portrayals of the American ideal. Strong and square jawed as they fight for the highest standard of what this country can and should be. Daily updates of essential scientific and political news from the most trusted source; your beloved president.

There will be no favored student nor will there be anyone left behind in the wake of the educational revolution. We will all be united under one shimmering cascade of revolutionary new knowledge and we will quench our thirsty minds and we will be stronger together as a nation.

This is what 2017 can bring. Make the right vote. Loki 2016.

-Loki Americanson Your favorite candidate for President of The United States of America

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