Your Guide to San Diego Comic Con

The annual International Comic Con is upon us and we'd like for you to remember these points:

Pace yourself.

With so much to do and see at Comic Con, you are most likely going to miss a few panels here and there. And that is ok. Odds are, if you are not already in line for Hall H, you will have to hear about it over the news that day. Make sure to take breaks as much as possible and sit down enjoy all the magic that is around you.


Since you are going to miss a few panels make sure to plan out your day for a few smaller, “can’t miss” panels that appeal to you. For instance, a few years back I knew I had to be at the last Futurama panel and Batman 20th anniversary animated series that same day. Luckily there was a 2-hour gap between both panels and I came away smiling.

Don't miss the after parties.

These are some of the best after parties you will ever experience. You’ll meet a ton of positive, happy, cosplaying, kick-ass people living it up and you’ll want to join them. In fact, these parties may be the best part of your tip down to San Diego. Many stars attend these parties and you can thank me later.


Every bar outside of Comic-con will be competing for business and they will all be packed with drink specials. It’s like a giant pub crawl and everyone will be there. In fact, even you can't make it to the convention itself, I would strongly suggest you make it down there just for the bars. Parking will be insane so do expect to park blocks away from the downtown bar scene or use Uber or Lyft, but it is worth it. People will be taking pictures with you at almost every bar you attend if you have an awesome costume. It’s like Christmas all weekend! Everyone is all warm and fuzzy!

Keep your Comic-con pass.

You will need your pass to be able to participate in the pre-registration for next year's con. As you may already know once tickets go on sale each year online, you have maybe a 5 minute window to buy tickets and then it is sold out. But pre-registration gives you a preliminary chance before open registration.

Be Safe.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun, and be safe. Cosplay is not consent, don't drink and drive, keep your phone charged, etc. You've heard it before so go out there and have a great con!

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