Legendary Pictures to Pick Up Pokemon Live Action

July 21, 2016


This shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone but Hollywood is already talking about a Pokemon movie. The reason behind this is due to the insanely popular new mobile app “Pokemon Go.” It has reported to have more users than the dating app “Tinder” and has become the biggest app in U.S. History.


Just in the few short weeks the game has been out, Nintendo stocks had skyrocketed up by 25%! Legendary Pictures is in talks to grabs the rights to make a live action film. Legendary Pictures is the same people who brought us Pacific Rim and World of Warcraft. Say what you will about those two movies, but they offered visually stunning, full CGI films.


It’s even rumored that Max Landis, who helped write “Chronicle” will be on board with the script. No other information has been released, but we will see if the Pokemon hype continues to grow in time for the movie.


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