Pokemon GO Details Revealed at SDCC

While many attendees cheered and jeered at each other during the Pokemon Go Panel making it quite difficult to hear anything that was really going on through periscope, a handful of details were revealed by Niantic’s own John Hanke. First off the game is “nowhere near completion”. Trading is still in the works but won’t be rolled out until PGO is released worldwide and until they can make sure the servers can handle the traffic.

Team leaders made their debut during the Panel (alongside a ton of booing/cheering)

A few other notable details that have released are:

  • Different modules are being worked on for more customized pokestops as well as healing stops for all the would be gym challengers.

  • Confirmation of the Eevee-lution name change trick.

  • Consideration of breeding as a game mechanic

  • Undiscovered Easter eggs

  • A “training update” is being worked on.

  • Confirmation that travel is necessary for catching them all since Niantic will have different spawns all over the world.

  • No, The legendary spawn at SDCC was just a rumor. So don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it to San Diego.

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