San Diego Comic Con 2016 Review

Another year ends for the biggest comic convention and the draw for the convention has been just as big as other years.

The big booths in the exhibit hall continue to be the Sideshow collectibles, Fox, and Marvel booths showcasing an impressive collection of statues, promo items, and stars. Exclusives continue to be elusive to those unable to line up in the early morning, however a new rule had been enforced, preventing those from lining up at a certain time.

RFID badges tested at Wondercon worked with little to no problems at the entrances and exits but the layout of the convention center made the whole tapping-to-enter-and-tapping-to-exit process a tad confusing. The attendees didn't seem to have much of a problem with using the RFID badges overall, so it can be assumed they will be bringing it back next year. The popular opinion favors mailing the badges to homes of the buyers as they have done in the past and that may continue on next year as well.

Annual panel topics returned including ones that gave industry insights and artist panels. New, fresh panels were lacking and uneventful overall in comparison to the last few years. Smaller panels such as the Rick and Morty panel were huge successes.

SDCC seems to be in the middle of a shift where veteran attendees may slowly pull out of attending, offering a chance for new con attendees to get a badge. This year may even encourage big companies in having more productive years so that they'll have something to showcase. In the end, despite the odd feeling that the con was less than it was years before, we just can't quit you, SDCC.

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