Overwatch Welcomes You To The Summer Games

Overwatch welcomes the upcoming Rio Summer Olympics with it’s own festive twist. The new seasonal event will run for three weeks from Aug. 2nd-22nd. With it comes new summer games loot boxes filled with over 100 new cosmetic items available only through the duration of the event. Every new loot box earned or bought is guaranteed to contain at least one new seasonal item that cannot be purchased through credits, so if you want to grab any of the skins you just have to keep playing until you get it. I’m looking forward to the new skins and victory poses.

No seasonal event is complete without a new brawl game type: Lucio Ball. Teams are placed in a soccer field with Estádio das Rãs as it’s backdrop in a 3v3 match featuring my favorite DJ, Chuck None. Just kidding, I meant Lucio!

A few tweaks have been made to Lucio for this special game type so mastering Lucio and the field will be your key to victory.

  • Primary fire has been replace with melee, this is meant for passing and close range shots.

  • For long range shots or saves Lucio’s blast will the trick nicely

  • Lucio’s crossfade (Amp it up) only affects the player

  • His ultimate, Sound Barrier, pulls the ball toward the player from anywhere on the field.

  • Jump pads throughout the field can be used to quickly move across

  • The sidewalls give a speed boost to wall riding, great for placing yourself for a pass

Check out the trailer video below for a preview of the Seasonal Exclusive items.

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